We enable any retailer to deliver their products profitably and fast.

The AI platform transforming the retail delivery paradigm.

Turn your vehicle into a
mobile fulfillment center.

The modern delivery platform turning fleets into dynamic on-demand mobile fulfillment networks.

Get products to customers, fast.

While the other guys figure out how to get products to customers in days,
we help you get them products on-demand.

Know what inventory to stock in each vehicle.

Use predictive demand to determine which inventory to stock within each vehicle. Our system continually learns and makes stocking recommendations based upon trends in geographic areas.

Utilize your retail footprint to replenish vehicle inventory.

Use your brick & mortar locations to continually keep your drivers stocked and replenished with new inventory throughout the day. Use dynamic manifests prior to arrival to have inventory ready to go.

Handle exchanges & returns quickly, easily.

Use mobile fulfillment teams to serve as your customer service counter, with immediate returns or exchanges at a customers location.

Manage dynamic, scheduled & subscription orders with ease.

Provide customers options on how to purchase products. Whether subscription, scheduled or on-demand orders, we provide the flexibility to fulfill orders based upon customers needs.

Track it all, anytime & anywhere.

Track everything across your business, and in real-time. From revenue, orders, inventory, location of teams, to feedback from customers. You will know how your business is performing at all times while meeting industry compliance.

We take privacy & security seriously.

Trust is not a commodity. It’s a right.

HIPAA Based Security

We treat your customers data as healthcare data. We ensure that the data is protected and managed to meet HIPPA standards.

CCPA Compliance

We are compliant with privacy standards that are aligned and in principle with the California Customer Privacy Act (CCPA).

KYC: Identity & Age Verification

We leverage trusted identity validation systems to verify and validate recipients. This establishes know-your-customer (KYC) practices from online order-to-delivery.

Blockchain Ledger

We use blockchain technology to secure & ensure data integrity necessary for meeting regulatory compliance & state by state track-and-trace programs.

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