Here’s how yorcue works…

The platform automating order fulfillment & delivery.

Your customer places their order online.

An order can be placed through your e-commerce storefront, point-of-sale (POS), kiosk or even through alexa or siri.

We automatically match inventory to order & assign to driver.

We compare the order across all of your mobile fulfillment vehicles and other channels to determine which vehicle is strategically close to the customer. Once matched, the order is dynamically added to that vehicles drivers delivery queue.

We route driver, the quickest & safest way to customer location.

We route the appropriate driver to the customer location, quickly and safely. The customer can track the delivery, and knows the actual time when to expect the delivery.

We validate delivery & capture customer feedback.

We validate customers (KYC) identity on delivery, and automatically capture feedback at the time of service.

The Admin Experience

Easily manage your teams, third parties, inventory and e-commerce through our administration portal. Manage your supply chain in an automated manner and make on-demand an option for your customers.

The Inventory Experience

Track all activity in real-time, orders, location, and live inventory counts. Tie into your existing supply chain to set up on-demand inventory replenishment through existing retail footprints.

The Driver Experience

On-board and validate drivers seamlessly within our fleet management mobile application. The mobile app enables drivers to manage delivery, inventory, validate identity on-site, and then are dynamically dispatched to the next order. Automated geo-fences ensure drivers never overlap.

The Customer Experience

A positive customer experience is paramount to your success. Mobile fulfillment allows you to get your products to your customers, fast. yorcue ensures a seamless and secure order-to-delivery process that keeps your customers connected to your brand.

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